Analysis Of The Birth Of A Nation

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In 1619, early American colonists began bringing in slaves from parts of Africa to aid in the production of tobacco and other crops. Abraham Lincoln became the President of the United States on November 6, 1860 and began to work towards ending slavery. The Birth of a Nation, which hit the big screen in 2016, is a historical film based on an enslaved Baptist preacher named Nat Turner who led the only successful slave rebellion in 1831. The making of this film has sparked a national controversy over its depiction of racism and a fictional rape scene. The Birth of a Nation is a dramatized biopic of Nat Turner who led the slaves of Virginia into a rebellion known as Nat Turner’s Rebellion in 1831. The movie opens with Nat Turner’s father running away from the plantation after being caught by slave catchers gathering food for his family outside of the premise. The slave catchers come to the plantation and berate the Turner family regarding the whereabouts of the man, yet no one folds to reveal he has run away. Moments later in the film, the white plantation owners discover that Nat can read. They take him into their household to further develop his literary skills, and he begins to learn how to preach. The head of the plantation passes away, and Nat Turner is forced back into the reality of slavery as he gets put in the cotton fields. With rumors of insurrection flying around town and the plantation revenue declining, Nat Turner is hired out by his financially unstable master

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