Analysis Of ' The Blushed Nude '

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Frontline documentary The Persuaders discusses the spiritual transcendence and emotional bonds brands can form with today’s consumers. A vast majority of brands use emotional branding as a way to attract consumers into purchasing their products. Emotional branding is an appeal to a consumer 's needs, desires and emotional state. Brands use emotional branding by presenting consumers with advertisements that will create meaning and identity. Emotional branding is not about what the product is, but what it means to consumers. Eyeshadow advertisements “The Blushed Nude” from Maybelline New York and “Colorstay” from Revlon present similar products that create distinct emotional bonds with consumers by presenting images of women with distinct emotional desires. Desires of love, independence, and strength give rise to consumers to find an identity and meaning within the advertisements.

Cosmetic brand Maybelline New York has an emotional effect on a variety of individuals. Their company has not only attracted the attention of women but has caused women to identify themselves as fierce, daring, and most of all beautiful. Maybelline’s eyeshadow advertisement “The Blushed Nude” portrays a young women who is striking, bold and beautiful. Maybelline wants consumers to feel beautiful and their advertisement provides the image and desires a women seeks in accomplishing natural looking beauty. Women wish to identify themselves as beautiful and belong to a group of naturally beautiful women…
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