Analysis Of The Boat By Alistair Macleod

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The setting of Alistair Macleod’s short story, The Boat, complements the setting of Alden Nowlan’s poem, Warren Pryor. Each of these writing pieces contain the element of a smaller town with a tight knit community. In the short story The Boat, our community is a Nova Scotian community whose primary industry is fishing. This results in most of the members of the community partaking in the fishing lifestyle. Another influential location this writing piece takes place in is inside of the house, “which was one of about fifty that marched around the horseshoe of [his] harbour,” (Macleod 263). Most of the homes in this town are situated close to the water as it is there where most of the men work as fishermen. Inside the house was his father's room where “magazines and books covered the bureau,” (Macleod 265). It was in their father’s room where the children discover their love of reading and become more dedicated to their schooling. Both the short story and the poem contain the setting of a school, which is symbolic as it is their education that allows the characters to be free of their obligations and the way of their town. Finally, the setting takes place on the Jenny Lynn, “she was what Nova Scotians called a Cape Island boat and was designed for the small inshore fishermen,” (Macleod 262) and it is on this boat where the father and son make their final journey out to sea. Likewise, the poem Warren Pryor takes place in another resource based community, however, this
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