Analysis Of ' The Body And Mind '

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Protocol Paper 3 – Body and Mind RECALL: In the Body and Mind chapter by Rachels it goes over many points. 1) Mind-Body dualism in a way to solve the mind-body problem, explains the relationship between mind and body facts. 2) It also points out the problems with mind-body dualism it is hard to see how a nonphysical mind could interact with a physical body. 3) Rachels points out that the mind-body dualism has largely disappeared from science and philosophy because it did not fit the emerging scientific picture of human beings. 4) The Materialist theories of the mind along with the first materialist theory which is Behaviorism and the failure of behaviorism, then along with the mind-brain identity with the development of the theory that we distinguish between the type-type identity and the token-token identity and following is the Functionalism and that it anything complex will have a mind and the physical composition doesn’t matter. Then Rachels goes over the doubts of the materialist theories with subjectivity and its intentions. 5) Finally Rachels goes over that the problem between the relationship of the bod and mind is that no one knows how to solve the problem. SUMMARY: Chapter 6: Body and Mind discusses the philosophy of the body and its connection to the mind. James and Stuart Rachels begin discussing René Descartes, and his theory of Mind–Body Dualism. Exploring this concept, the Rachels continue through the chapter by discussing the concepts of consciousness and
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