Analysis Of The Book ' 12 Years A Slave '

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Although the book “12 Years a Slave” is non-fiction, it is difficult to grasp and imagine some of these written truths as reality. Both the book and movie share essential similarities amongst the background and main ideas. Some core events that remain comparable include Solomon Northup having a family, him getting kidnapped into slavery, and eventually his return to his family. These events are crucial to remaining similar because the movie is based off of the book as a true story. If the central ideas and events contrasted greatly from the book, the movie would pivotally change the fundamental matter and effects of the book. Despite the major similarities amongst main events, there are some considerable differences. These differences might reflect on what type of audience each attracts, order of events in which each are organized, and entire changes of certain events for dramatization or different impacts. Due to differences and similarities between the book and movie, new insights are brought about and similar understandings are solidified. Granted that both book and movie share core events and ideas about the life of Solomon Northrup, both partly attract similar audiences. Correspondingly, both the book and movie appeals to an audience that wants to sympathize and understand the life of Solomon Northup as a Slave. Although both partly attract similar audiences, some changes in the movie might also attract others as well. One of the influential differences that the movie
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