Analysis Of The Book ' 12 Years A Slave ' By Solomon Northup

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For the book report, I read the book “12 Years a Slave,” by Solomon Northup, the book was revolved around slavery. The book was about a free African-American named Solomon, who was tricked into performing for a circus, which lead to him being captured and sold as a slave. The book continues on through the process of him becoming a slave, transition to his different slave owners, and finishes by explain how he regained his freedom. The entire slave period took about 12 years. While reading I was capable of splitting the book into parts; when he was free, to his captured/selling period, the period under a good owner, a period under a bad owner, and road to freedom. The setting of the book varies from New York, to Washington D.C., to Louisiana, and ending again in New York. This book brought to mind different prospective of slavery that brought a greater understanding of the concept. The book showed that not everyone in the North could be trusted around blacks, it gave a point of view of the good side of slavery, a point of view of the bad side of slavery, the different types of jobs that the slaves would have to do, jealousy between women, property, and the fact that a true Northerners was willing to help Solomon regain his freedom. The North was the region in the United States where slavery was prohibited and hated. But, not everyone believed that. There are people that would capture free blacks and sell them to their own advantage. Solomon unfortunately had to deal with…
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