Analysis Of The Book ' 12 Years A Slave ' By Solomon Northup

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Born a free African American, Solomon Northup, writer of the autobiography, 12 Years a Slave , carefully depicts and demonstrates a significant amount of historical elements that caused and influenced a terrible series of events in the lives of the people in the novel. In Northup 's novel, he describes in great detail a series of situations that he personally had to endure as he was initially a free man, then tricked and kidnapped, and sold into slavery. He undergoes a numerous amount of beatings and hardships as he is fighting for his lost freedom, including being separated from his families and seeing families being separated, being treated like a piece of property, and setting justice and putting in order to make things justifiable for the way he was treated. In all, Solomon Northup was and is a memorable and worthy man who truly fought for his life and freedom. The unfortunate and painful events that this man had to go through strongly portrays the repulsive and sickening ways slave sellers and masters treated their "property". Solomon Northup, a very likable free man, begins his life-story intending to give "truthful statement[s] of facts: to repeat the story of [his] life, without exaggeration, leaving it for others to determine, whether even the pages of fiction present a picture of more cruel wrong or a severer bondage" (Northup, 18). He establishes a strong and honest connection with his readers by sharing memories of his family, marriage, and children.…
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