Analysis Of The Book 12 Years A Slave By Solomon Northup

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The book 12 Years a Slave written by Solomon Northup has been widely accepted by scholars as an accurate representation of slavery. The book has proven to be the holy grail for slavery, due to the fact that Solomon reported every detail without bias. This book later inspired the director, Steve McQueen, to make the movie 12 years a slave, which goes on to win three Academy Awards. While Steve McQueen was quoted on saying, "It was basically telling the truth about a certain time in history,", and Solomon Northup was quoted in his memoir stating," This is no fiction, no exaggeration." While both Solomon and McQueen aim to tell the truth of slavery, the differences in the movie cause it to give a biased view of slavery when compared to Solomon Northup.
To begin, we must prove that both Solomon Northup and Steve McQueen 's goals were to create something in order reveal the truth about the institution of slavery. Solomon Northup establishes his credibility by stating he his memoir is," This is no fiction, no exaggeration." This shows his purpose is to not include any bias and give an account on the institution of slavery. He is also quoted in saying,"...what is in the region of Red River, is truly and faithfully delineated in these pages." These two quotes show how determined he was to achieve his goal that was to show his memoir is unbiased. Steve McQueen is quoted in an interview about the movie," It was basically telling the truth about a certain time in history." This shows…
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