Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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Totalitarianism. A totalitarian government seeks to regulate not solely industrial and legislative matters but the demeanors, ethics, thoughts, and opinions of its citizens; therefore removing the difference between state and society. The goal of a totalitarian government is to replace the existing society with a perfect one. In the novel “1984” by George Orwell, Big Brother is a dominant figure in the ways which he controls Oceania. Orwell portrays a society with a government that oversees and influences each facet of human life to the point that even having an unfaithful thought that is in disagreement with the law is forbidden. Big Brother effectively controls Oceania through physical control, psychological control, and control over the past and memories. Big Brother uses the method of physical force to successfully control the citizens of Oceania. The Party is inflicting so much pain on Winston that .The physical torture of Winston is so effective that he is all the more willing to confess not only crimes of his own, but also crimes he did not commit. The power of the Party is more real and threatening than one may think. In the Ministry of Love, the Party inflicts pain on its prisoners to result in a confession and change who they are. Anyone who defies the Party is punished through brutal torture. After being oppressed to weeks of this agonizing therapy, Winston himself realizes that nothing leads to persuasion better than physical pain. By conditioning the
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