Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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Throughout the novel, 1984, there is a large focus on the Inner and Outer Party; the book focuses on one particular member in the party. It is easy to forget that there are actually more members in Oceania, they are cast over and it seems to be they are often forgotten. This third group of citizens are the proles. They make up the rest of the population. Oceania can function just as fine without them, they are rather just ghosts roaming the streets and taking up space. They are rarely mentioned in the book and when they are mentioned, it is like a passing thought. The proles are described as making up most of the population, but yet they don’t play a major role in 1984. They are also not heavily watched unlike the other two parties; they…show more content…
The Party views the proles as unworthy of their time, they aren’t even ‘human’ enough to deserve any attention. They allow them to do as they please, because they simply do not care about the proles. The Party also does not think the proles have enough sense to rebel against them, that is why they aren’t making sure they are heavily watched. They are too stupid to do anything, so why waste their time worrying about them? The proles lead a different life than the Inner and Outer party members, it is more like what we would consider a normal life. They still work, but they are more involved with their family. The Inner Party families are hostile towards each other, there is constant fear that they are going to be turned in by their family members. Children are brainwashed to watch over their parents, and if they are caught betraying Big Brother they are turned in. It is the exact opposite when it comes to the proles, they have more of a traditional family. There is no fear from their family members, because nobody is at risk of being turned in. The proles also participate in extracurricular activities, they actually have time because they are not forced to devote all their time to Big Brother. They have enough time on their hands to establish bad habits, such as gambling and alcoholism. “There was even a whole sub-section-Pornosec, it was called in
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