Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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“In recent months, a series of news reports have brought public attention to the collection of individual data by government agencies.” In discussions of the advanced use of technology, one controversial issue has been the practice of mass surveillance which is used by the American government. On one hand, individuals argue that there are several advantages of surveillance technology; for instance, these types of systems are believed to limit the number of criminal activity within an area and easily detect suspects. On the other hand, others oppose the surveillance theory because they believe that it is against our constitutional right to privacy. My own view is that the technology that we rely heavily upon today is steadily bringing us closer to the world of Big Brother because the government has the ability to collect information from devices that are constantly being in use such as cell phones, televisions, and computers without our consent. In the book entitled 1984, George Orwell reveals how Oceania was a world where no one could be trusted; an action as simple as thinking was considered a violation of the law and you could be arrested for it. Individuals were living in a society where their own thoughts, even the ones which were not projected verbally, could be heard by the government. They were unfamiliar with the boundaries of what is considered to be “private” and they were constantly reminded by slogans that Big Brother was watching them. Big Brother, a fictional
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