Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

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Controlled freedom Present day society is very much like society in the book 1984. Although, some of the procedures have diminished slightly, they still do exist, and are still current in today’s society. it’s a shame that most people fail to see that our “free” nation is actually still controlled. we are being manipulated in such a manner that we do not see by propaganda, media, lies, and yes even torture. Many citizens can say that here in America we are free nation or have freedom, but do we really have the freedom we thought we had all along? For one most can agree that at some point we thought we had freedom but when you see things from a different perspective it opens one’s mind to different possibilities and opinions. Similar to George Orwell’s novel 1984, Oceania is constantly at war, just like society now. Our president and political candidates always state that we are at war. Are we really? The government spends billions and billions of dollars funding the military, but it’s not mainly for protection as one would like to think, even though we do have the security that’s necessary. The funding is mainly to strengthen the military for empowerment over other countries to show some sort of hierarchy. Media likes to show the bad side of other countries or their leaders by showing a shot taken out of context or altering what they have said in either articles or public speeches. Which enrages the citizens in the US to make it seem like its ok for the US military to
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