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A good story, in my opinion, will have certain elements that keep a reader interested. Of course the most obvious of those is the story line itself. No one will continue to read if they are not intrigued by the plot. Secondly and equally important are the characters. Even if the story is captivating there is little interest in continuing on if the characters are not either incredibly likable or easily feared or hated. A strongly developed character will always keep a reader following along. In this particular instance its the monsters that makes the play. When it comes to the topic of monsters, most of us will readily agree that they are bad. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of what makes a monster. Although…show more content…
In order to show the importance of a reader response to a story, I will attempt to show how at least three characters in Shakespeare 's The Tempest could have been perceived as the monster of the tale. Stephen T. Asma writes that “good monster stories can transmit moral truths to us by showing us examples of dignity and depravity without preaching or proselytizing. (pg 64)” Considering that people can live by very different morals, monsters can be seen in so many different forms. The Tempest is a perfect example of this. There are at least fifteen characters in the play and of those characters there are at least three that can be viewed as being a monster or at least possessing some monster like qualities. One of the most obvious choices as the monster of the play could be Antonio. He can be found to say “Nobel Sebastian, thou lett’st thy fortune sleep - die, rather; wink’st whiles thou art waking. (2.1.210)” in reference to the sleeping King Alonso. Antonio makes this comment to the king’s brother, in order to convince him that murdering the king is his best chance of taking the throne for himself. In Act 3, scene 3 Antonio can again be seen speaking of the king’s murder when he speaks the line, “I am right glad that he’s so out of hope. Do not for one repulse, forgo the purpose that you resolved ‘t effect.(3.3.11)” In some opinions a person who is lacking morals and has become so greedy that they are willing to plot and plan a murder can be viewed as the most
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