Analysis Of The Book ' A History Of The World '

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Synthesis Essay In the book A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage it is explained how the Mesopotamians saw beer and bread as a way to distinguish those who are civilized and those who are savages. Standage explains how beer had a great role if the Mesopotamian culture and how in many cases it was told in their stories and legends. The Egyptians were not far off the infatuation with beer either. The Egyptians also cherished beer greatly and was a great deal of importance to them especially because it was used as an offering to their gods. In both cases beer holds an important value to both societies. Tom Standage explains the similarities between the Mesopotamian and Egyptian views and values of beer, and how it affected their religion and culture. Tom Standage describes how beer was greatly engraved in both Mesopotamian and Egyptian culture. Standage explains that in Egyptian culture the phrases “to make a beer hall” and “to sit in the beer hall” were very popular expressions that meant “to have a good time” It is explained how beer was a staple food which was necessary in order to complete a beer. This especially came true with the Mesopotamians. The expression “pouring of beer” meant the Mesopotamians were about to have a banquet or celebratory feast and this was usually in regards to formal visits by the king. Beer was a universal drink in both cultures. Notice how in every one of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian expressions the involvement of beer is
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