Analysis Of The Book ' A New Generation '

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A New Generation The book being used for this report is called Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boy by Jawanaza Kunjufu. The type of book can be categorized as black studies, psychology. The book can be used for parents seeking advice, community activists, church members and educators. The book could also be used as a helping tool to assure the correct development of how African American boys can grow into strong, responsible and educated men in America’s society. Kunjufu answers several questions in this book, but only a few will be analyzed in this book report, questions along the lines of how single mothers raises a son who happens to be a black male, why do black males kill other black men. These questions have not only been raised in the African American community but others as well. Whether that being in a positive or negative aspect. The author also has his own experiences in the text wish is valuable to the reader. This book helps look at the different causes and effects that may continue to create this problem with black males in America. Causes such as white supremacy, and the psychological perspective on why they do the things that they do—all interesting stuff. There seems to be an issue of single mothers raising sons without fathers in their lives. This causes pressure on the women to now do double the work instead of one. “Mothers seem to do a much better job of preparing their daughters to leave than their sons. Fathers seem to do a much…
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