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a) Jalapeno bagels is about a boy named Pablo whom cannot decide what to take to school for International Day. He wants to bring something from his parents’ baker. He wants something that represent his heritage but he cannot decide what to bring. His mother who is Mexican baked pan dulce and change bars. His father who is Jewish baked bagels and challah. Both of the bake good were good but while helping his parents with the bakery on Sunday morning, Pablo made a decision on what to bring. He decided to bring jalapeno bagels because they are a mixture both of his parents and just like him too. The multicultural representations in the story line is Mexican and Jewish. The pictures that were drawn in the book, the family has the same color of skin even though the parents are different cultures and the main character is mixed. There were no different skin colors.
b) This book fit in level 1: A contributions approach because the book talks about food in two cultures. The book also has recipes of some of the food that was mention in the story. According to Gopalakrishnan (2011), level 1 is when books ae about holiday, food, festivals and other cultural elements. This book was about food of the culture.
c) The problems of the author and illustrator representing multiculturalism the way that he/she did was that the author did not provide much information about each of the cultures. The author mention that the mom is Mexican and the dad is Jewish but nothing more. The illustrator did…
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