Analysis Of The Book ' Adam '

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“Adam!” Rick called out as he waved his hand. “Adam, why don’t you stop on by I’ve got something for Rocky!” Adam didn’t look too pleased at being bothered by Rick but complied anyways figuring it would give him another chance to gripe to Rick about his yard. “Hey, I have an extra cut of meat in the house that I was going to cook for Emily. I’d figured I give it to Rocky here since she’s not going to be around to have dinner with me. She had called earlier saying that she had already had dinner with a co-worker and he had already provided her with a lot of meat to eat. So, what-do-ya-say, how about it then? It’s a New York strip, and I’d hate to see it go to waste.” “Well, I guess that would be alright,” Adam answered,…show more content…
“Jesus, Rocky!” Adam cried out and then he watched helplessly as his dog fell over to begin convulsing. “Hey, Adam?” “What did you do? What did you do to my dog, you son of a bitch!” “Hey, Adam maybe you should try this?” “What…?” As soon as Adam had gotten up from his crouched down position next to Rocky, Rick swung the shovel he was now holding, striking Adam across his face and sending a good portion of his teeth flying from his mouth. Adam spun around violently from the blow landing directly atop of the charcoal Bar-B-Que that was still cooking Rick’s steak, sending it and himself toppling over to the ground, the grill’s hot contents spilling out. As Adam lay upon the scorching coals, Rick slammed the shovel into the back of his head and neck repeatedly over-and-over until he was sure Adam was unconscious and paralyzed. Then, as Rick walked away, he couldn’t help but think to himself, umm… Adam smells better cooking than my steak did. Darkness quickly consumed the evening, and the streets filled themselves with scores of kids eager to fill their bags and stomachs with candy. It wasn’t long before a crowd had gathered around Rick’s house in marvel of the display he had created. From nearby, Rick listened in on the people as they ooh-and-ahhed over his sculpture. He had heard them talk about how lifelike the zombies were, especially the one with the burnt off face. One person had even raved about how realistic
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