Analysis Of The Book ' Aiden 's Pov '

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Aiden 's POV We were waiting in the conference room in the basement when Harry walked in and behind him a group of arguing teachers. Dumbledore ran straight for Harry and grab him by the shoulders pushing him against a cabinet, causing the bottles inside to clatter against one another. "How did you get your name in the cup Harry?" He asked this viciously shaking him. "Did you ask one of the older students to do it for you?" Harry shook his head no. "You 're absolutely sure?" He asked and Harry nodded yes. The other teachers continued babbling about whether or not Harry put his name in or not. I wasn 't really paying attention until I heard Dumbledore ask Mr. Crouch whether or not Harry would have to participate. "The rules are absolute goblet of fire constitutes a binding magical contract. Mr. Potter has no choice he is, as of tonight a tri-Wizard champion, he must compete." Everyone stared at Harry. The teachers looked scared, the other champions looked annoyed, but me, I was genuinely concerned for Harry 's safety. From what I 've heard the Tri-Wizard Tournament is very dangerous, so dangerous that some people don 't come out alive. Later that night I was sitting in the Hogwarts common room reading one of my potions books when Hermione came and sat beside me. "So... are you xcited to be a try was a champion?" she asked me. "I don 't know" I started. " I really don 't know how to feel about this. It might be dangerous but could be fun, I don 't know if I should be

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