Analysis Of The Book ' Albus '

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“Albus! You’re getting late for your new session at Hogwarts! Get up Albus!” said Harry Potter to his young son. Albus gave a blank look to his father, and soon remembered that he was supposed to be in the Hogwarts by the next day. He rushed to pack his backpack, kept all his important things and gave a sweet little kiss to his mom and dad. That very evening he boarded his extraordinary special train to reach Hogwarts. On his journey to Hogwarts Albus saw extremely dreadful and scary ghosts and had a vision in which he saw the terrifying extinction of the Potter family and beloved Hogwarts. Albus shouted rashly and the people nearby in the train were alarmed. Albus now wanted to stay in a compartment in which there is…show more content…
On reaching the school everyone was welcomed with a yummylicious treat in the ‘Gathering Court’. And now it was time for the “House Chooser” which ensured that the student goes to the best suited house. Albus, Simon and Julie were all glad to be in the same house ‘Gryffindor’. The very next day they were supposed to attend their first magical class. The three cousins were late to the class, but their kind teacher ignored their late arrival. All the students learnt the art of riding the broom. Albus was the first one to learn this art due to inheritance of few skills from his father Harry Potter and also since he was a quick learner. Everyone cheered him, save one, the son of Lord Voldemort. Everyone had thought that there was no successor to Lord Voldemort but there he was. Lord Voldemort being the God of all antagonists gave some of his powers to his son so that the extinction of his family and legacy does not take place. Voldemort’s son, Arceus, was a very mischievous student, he casted spells on students and frightened them. Once he even killed a new born Pegasus (flying horse). Due to this cruel act of Arceus the principal of Hogwarts School Mr. Peter Quill cursed and expelled him for a month. But the ignorant Arceus still entered the school. So the Principal took a strict decision and rusticated him from the school for the whole session. The students were not surprised by his rustication. That very evening Albus
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