Analysis Of The Book ' Albus '

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“Albus! You’re getting late for your new session at Hogwarts! Get up Albus!” said Harry Potter

to his young son. Albus gave a blank look to his father, and soon remembered that he was

supposed to be in the Hogwarts by the next day. He rushed to pack his backpack, kept all his

important things and gave a sweet little kiss to his mom and dad. That very evening he boarded

his extraordinary special train to reach Hogwarts.

On his journey to Hogwarts Albus saw extremely dreadful and scary ghosts and had a vision

in which he saw the terrifying extinction of the Potter family and beloved Hogwarts. Albus

shouted rashly and the people nearby in the train were alarmed. Albus now wanted to stay in

a compartment in which there is someone to accompany him. Due to the terrifying vision he

had, he wanted to stay with his cousins who were travelling in the same train and were waiting

to reach Hogwarts, just as he was. He soon found his cousins and narrated them what he had

undergone; his cousins Simon and Julie both were terrified.

Soon the train reached its destination. Everyone was now celebrating their arrival to the magical

land of Hogwarts city. The three cousins were very curious about the city and soon they were

ready to collect three magical wands which their parents had ordered for them. They reached the

wand shop titled “Abracadabra”. The cousins joyously frolicked on receiving their wands.

They boarded their magical flying bus which was heading…
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