Analysis Of The Book ' Alice Adventures '

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AP Book Report
1. Alice Adventures in Wonderland
2. Lewis Carroll was the author of Alice Adventures in Wonderland. Written in 1862- 1863 during a journey with Reverent Robinson Duckworth and his three young daughters.
3. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known as his pen name, Lewis Carroll, was an English author was born January 27, 1832. He was a writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican cleric, and artist.
4. Characters:
Alice: Alice is a seven-year-old girl who stumbles upon the Wonderland after following a white rabbit. She comes from a family in Victorian England. When she stumbles upon Wonderland, she is frustrated with all the surroundings it has on her.
- Curious: Once she sees the rabbit her curious nature sparks to follow it.
- Emotional: When she didn’t know what to do she would start crying,
The Mouse: The first creature Alice meets in Wonderland. Mouse is initially scared of Alice, when she talks about her cat. He later on takes her with him with other creatures.
- Frightened: The mouse is frightened of Alice and the way she would talk about her pet cat Dinah.
- Leader: When with the animal it seemed he was the only one with the authoritative figure. By the why he talked to them and such.
The Queen of Hearts: Ruler of Wonderland. The Queen is very dominating towards everyone, and if they don’t follow her command the only solution she has is beheading everyone.
- Impulsive: When things wouldn’t go the way she’d like she automatically sends someone to…
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