Analysis Of The Book ' Alice 's Adventures ' Essay

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Alice’s Adventures
AnnaMarie Bethune
Northeast Alabama Community College

Enraged from the recent conversation with her aunt and uncle, Alice storms out the door. Headed to her usual spot beneath the old Willow near the edge of the forest, she runs full speed down the hill, hopefully relieving some of her anger. As she stops at the edge of the forest, book in hand, now sitting, she can’t help but notice her veins flooding with adrenaline. She’s so mad she can’t sit still.
Alice jumps up and begins walking through the woods, at a rather fast pace, she suddenly stops at the sound of an odd noise. Frozen, she slowly turns to see that there’s a rather small cat staring up at her. As she bends down to pet it, she sees another one, and another, until there are more than thirty cats surrounding her. Unnerved, Alice sets off at a sprint, hurdling over the rotten log fallen across her path. Finally, she’s outrun them. Alice stops as she comes to a clearing almost tripping over something. Searching for what she has stumbled into, she sees a glimpse of royal blue covered in thick layers of weeds and vines. Hastily pulling the vines from their tangled chaos, Alice finally reveals an old pot . Appeared to be worn and rusting, blue paint chipping, the once gold flowers now brown, Alice notices a large ceramic plate fitted to the top of the pot. Afraid but curious, she slowly lifts the side. Not moved for so long, the plate was stuck to the top of the pot. Not only
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