Analysis Of The Book ' Alive ' Essay

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This was my first Scott Sigler book, and I have to say that I am impressed. Because of a small note included in the back of the digital copy asking us readers to not to spoil anything, this review might come out sounding vaguer than I previously intended.
Alive is the story of a girl named Em who wakes up in a coffin with no memories and only knows that she must find a way out. I enjoyed the story. It was gripping and at times grim. It didn’t shy away from the difficult aspects. In fact, it embraced them, but also focused more on the personal consequences of the choices and the events. Each character has to learn who they were when faced with tough choices – and I loved that. This is a story about identity. What makes the story unique in my opinion is that the identities the characters have are entirely their own. There were no outside references to help decide who they were, or what they should do and not do. They were stuck with making decision based simply on who they were without any external guidance or pre-existing framework of morals, except for a handful of memories that aren’t all that useful. It was intriguing and very unique. In the beginning, the protagonist knows nothing about herself or where she is, and she slowly begins to find out more and more as the story progresses. We join her in her journey. We know only what she knows, and so the entire picture becomes clearer for both reader and character as the story goes on.
I got caught up in the action almost
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