Analysis Of The Book ' American Immigration '

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History of American immigration
By: Hammerschmidt, Peter A..
Hammerschmidt, P. (2009). History of American immigration. Philadelphia: Mason Crest.
Genre: Children’s Informational,

Grade Level: 5th Grade (above grade level)

Summary: This book provides an overview of immigration to the United States. It describes experiences common to most immigrants, regardless of their country of origin. All of the ethnic groups that arrived on America’s shores are included as well as the many cultures, languages, foods, religious views, and holidays each brought with them.

Why/Rationale: I chose this book for an above grade level text because the chapters increase in pages, as well as illustrations. Illustrations are limited
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1. Identify the ethnic groups in the chapter (in order read) and what were their similarities and differences?
2. What are the major reasons most of the groups of immigrants migrated to the United States?
3. What is Ellis Island? And what has it become present day?
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“Who were the first North Americans” Wingate, Philippa, and Struan Reid.

Wingate, P., & Reid, S. (1995). Who were the first North Americans? Tulsa, OK: EDC Pub.

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Grade Level: Below grade level (3rd)

Summary: This is a great picture book that includes questions, as well as maps and pictures to follow each explanation. The book provides detail in questions and answers to the first North American settlers of America. The book is full of fun facts about the everyday life for the Native Americans. The topics include what they look like, their town, what they used for food, shelter, and the European visitors that followed.

Why/Rationale: I chose this book for children below grade level, (3rd) grade for reasons including the many illustrations with descriptive detail as well as a clear explanation. I really like that the book provides an answer, but first asks a question and leads to the pictures with the answer. For example “did native Americans really use smoke signals?” following is an explanation along with an illustration. I also really like that the book provides a timeline and maps that are in order one page to the next. This
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