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Out of all the amazing American writers no one compares to S.E. Hinton, better known as Susan Eloise Hinton. Early life of Ms. Hinton was no different from anyone else. Susan Hinton wrote a lot of amazing and inspiring books; her books were also about teens. Whether you are intrigued by the early life, works, or about her writings of S.E. Hinton you will learn that she leads a remarkable life. Hinton was born July 22, 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Will Rogers High School this is where most of her writings were based from. While she was in high school, she started her first draft, and also one of her books The Outsiders was published in 1967. This book was actually based on her high school when the blue collar families which were called Greasers yet on the other side of town were the Socs which were rich from the money in the oil in the area. The Socs wore expensive clothes, and drove nice cars (Smith). Hinton wrote books with the narrators as males, and she did not think boys would read her books because she was a woman writer, so she used her initials as her pen name so readers wouldn 't know she was a woman writer. Hinton met a boy in her biology class as a freshman, he became the inspiration of her second book ,and helped her with her writer 's block by making her write until she got to two pages before they would go out on a date and if she didn 't fish two pages they wouldn 't go out the day.(hinton) She did know later they would get married in 1970. During

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