Analysis Of The Book ' Andrew Johnson '

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27 November 2016 The book I read is titled “Andrew Johnson – A Biography” written by Hans L. Trefousse in 1989. Trefousse was born in Frankfurt, Germany on Dec 18, 1921. He has a master’s and doctoral degree in History and is also a professor of history at Brooklyn College. He wrote seven other books some of which were also biographies of other historic influencers. He wrote about Andrew Johnson in chronological order, including many details that might otherwise have been left out if it were someone else writing it. Trefousse wrote the book with more than sufficient sources, in fact, he has 62 pages filled with citations proving what he wrote was fact. Andrew Johnson was born on December 29, 1808 in Raleigh, North Carolina to Jacob Johnson and Mary (Polly) Johnson. He was one of three children, William P. Johnson, and Elizabeth, who died young, were his brother and sister. Jacob Johnson, Andrew’s father, died on January 12, 1812, from an incident where he was saving some people on a fishing trip from drowning. This occurred just about three years after Andrew was born, although it did not seem to affect him very much since he was at such a young age during the time. His mother soon remarried and in 1818 she put Andrew into an apprenticeship under Selby where he would learn to be a tailor. At this point in time, an apprentice was just a bit higher than a slave. An apprentice would be legally bound to the teacher until a specific time
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