Analysis Of The Book ' Angela 's Ashes '

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What defines true happiness? Happiness is like the white light that guides you through the darkest of tunnels, helps you get through the toughest of times and the most difficult obstacles. Everybody has their own true happiness just like everybody has their own personality. Some may argue that true happiness is settling down with a wife and having a family but on the contrary many may argue that being single and living life on their own is the way to be. We will see the similar thoughts of this white light trending through each these three books; An American Childhood, This Boys Life, and Angela’s Ashes. In the book Angela’s Ashes, we can see this notion come true through Frank McCourt’s writings. Frank lives in a cold wet Ireland a place that does not always scream happiness. He lives a daily life of poverty, constantly struggling to find food. It didn’t help anything that his father was an alcoholic and sat in the pub every Friday to drink away the family’s money for food. The death of family members is a constant reminder to Frank the darkness of Ireland and the clear state of depression that him and his family was in. Frank had to take all of this in at a young age forcing the poor child to mature quickly for his age. All Frank dreamed of doing was leaving Ireland and proving everyone who looked down on him wrong. He wanted to rise from poverty and be able to help his family. We can see this drive to leave Ireland and the poverty, we see this as Franks white light.

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