Analysis Of The Book ' Bastard Out Of Carolina ' By Dorothy Allison

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The book, Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison, is about relationships between family members, the social class, “white trash”, and abuse. In the book, there is a young girl by the name of Ruth Anne Boatwright, but goes by the name of Bone. Bone’s mother had her at the young age of 17 years old. Her whole life, Bone, didn’t have a steady father figure. Anney Boatwright, Bone’s mother, married a man and out of that relationship, her sister was born. Soon after Anney married him, he died in a tragic car accident. The next man she married was Glen Waddell. This is when the problems came. Glen Waddell had some issues of his own and throughout the book, he took it out on Bone. At this point, Bone and Daddy Glen’s relationship throughout the book took a turn and their relationship consisted of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. In the book, Daddy Glen would physically abuse Bone for nothing. Bone never did anything wrong to him to deserve what he did to her. Bone and Daddy Glen never got along from the beginning. “Daddy Glen’s reputation for a hot temper made people very careful how they talked to him” (Bastard Out of Carolina 55). Glen had a temper and when he got mad, he would take it out on Bone. “Daddy Glen looked at me standing there. ‘I know how much your mamma loves you,’ he said, putting his hand on my arm, squeezing tight. When he let me go, there was a bruise, and Mama saw it right away. ‘Glen, you don’t know your own strength!’ ‘No.’ He was

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