Analysis Of The Book ' Behind The Beautiful Forevers ' By Katherine Boo

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Corruption in Poor Communities The book Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo, addresses the corruption of a slum in India called Annawadi. Annawadi is a small, poor area in the shadows of luxurious hotels and an airport near Mumbai. The poor community struggles to make a living and hold on to a hope of one day reaching success since India is improving economically. As India is improving economically, Annawadi seems to stay the same because of the people who abuse their power and take money from the poor. People there are being held back by the unfairness that they will not be able to have a better life. Laws are not enforced in poor communities because it causes corruption in both the establishment and in the people. There is little or no government regulation, giving power to people to make their own laws. The police have power over the people in slums by charging them unfair fees when they get arrested. There is no law saying they should be able to do that, but there is no government intervention to stop it. “The idea was to get terrified prisoners to pay everything they had, and everything they could secure from a money lender, to stop a false criminal charge from being recorded. Beatings, though outlawed the human rights code, were practical, as they increased the price that detainees would pay for their release”(107). People that live in the slums tend to avoid socializing with others because of the fear of being…
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