Analysis Of The Book ' Between The World And Me '

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Between the World and Me The book “Between the World and Me”, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, was published in July 14, 2015 by Spiegel and Grau. “Between the World and Me” took inspiration from James Baldwin’s 1963 “The Fire Next Time”. This book is written as a letter to the author 's son about the feelings and realities about being black in the United States. In this book, Coates also gives an autobiographical description of his youth in a black neighborhood in Baltimore. The message Coates tries to convey is that his son should not lower his guard and be completely confident about who he is, instead he should be afraid about what the world is capable of doing to a black man. In this work, Coates disagrees on what it means to be black or white in America. America is supposed to be the land of opportunities. A place where you are free to do anything and become whoever you want to be but this does not apply to everyone. One of the reasons for Coates disagreement is the permanent racial injustice in America. People might think that the war between black and white people is over but this is not true. Daily, we can see many cases about racial injustice like when a white man with power treats other black workers as if they were inferior to him. Not only white people treat black people this way but there are many other cases in which you can see black folks discriminate white folks. Coates sees the world this way, he thinks that the war between black people and white people will be a…
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