Analysis Of The Book ' Black Hearts '

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The book Black Hearts opened my eyes to how leadership from a single Officer can have a grappling effect on such a wide range of soldiers from the lowest of ranks. One of the best takeaways from Black Hearts is to never do anything: illegal, unethical, or immoral. Although this is a easy statement to repeat, Black Hearts demonstrates the difficulties that lie behind these words. It has also painted a picture of how leadership can topple extremely quickly from a top down view. The Army is portrayed in a bad light throughout the book relentlessly. This is due to the concentration of poor leadership of the 1-502nd Regiment (Referred to as “First Strike”), a battalion of the 101st Airborne Division. Frederick starts Black Hearts by showing the readers how there was bad tension between the soldiers and their higher leadership prior to their deployment. This internally means that there was no esprit de corps between the 1-502nd. If there is bad blood between the leadership and their men, it is extremely difficult to gain their trust or respect once you are on deployment. Although they are required to follow orders from their higher leadership, they will be obeying out of resentment instead of respect. A lot of the time, first platoon, Bravo Company, 1-502nd Regiment was respecting the rank and not the person. This is a common term in the military, which Frederick brings to light in the book. The 1-502nd deployed to the “Triangle of Death” from October of 2005
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