Analysis Of The Book ' Black Women '

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Black women in America are faced with many challenges. Sexual discrimination and outspoken anger were some of the oppressions that African-American women had to contend with. They were marginalized even on the political aspect. Nobody was ready to come to their rescue. They were marginalized and frustrated by claims about a universal sisterhood that was oppressive. They were discriminated along racial, ethnic, class and social lines drawing them as half-humans. They had to go through difficulties in their daily lives, but the challenges to some extent helped them become tough and strong. This paper will use information from the books Still Brave and Sister Citizen to bring out the oppression of the black women in America. The oppression is based on race, gender, and sexuality. The books use what is known as anthologies which are historical narratives helping readers understand whom they think they are, whether they know their originality, and where they think they are headed. In this perspective, the anthology is based on Black women, explaining their cultures, experiences and visions. The aim of the anthologies here is to refute, defend and recommend to give an understanding of the past and the future as far as Black women are concerned. The two books are instrumental in understanding the centrality of black women in fighting for their freedom with much courage and determination. This gives us the understanding of being modern, in a new world where women are treated equally
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