Analysis Of The Book ' Bless Me Ultima ' By Rudolfo Anaya

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James Forman Mr. Cheli Period: 1 5 December 2014 Finding Your Path Antonio Márez is a young catholic boy living in a world where there are so many different beliefs and perspectives that influence who he is and what he chooses to believe in. With so many different options for Antonio to choose from he struggles in deciding which path to take regarding religion and who he is as a person. Ultimately, Antonio realizes he must decide for himself and not follow others because they tell him to. In the book Bless me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya, Anaya illustrates the idea that people must choose for themselves because it is what they want and not what others want them to be. Antonio is faced with many different options about religion and himself, which throughout the book is a big factor. Many important people in Antonio’s life want him to grow up and be happy, however they also have high expectations for him and want him to follow a certain path in his life. He must chose if he will follow the path of his mother, the Luna, or the path of his father, the Márez. In Antonio’s dreams he hears his mother and father talking to him. In his dream his mother says, “Mother of God make [Antonio] a priest”(pg. 45) while his father says, “He will make a fine vaquero”(pg. 5). When the mother and father says “make” it shows that they want him to be something and follow their hopes for him. Also his parents are saying to Antonio that he must choose which path to take. Antonio’s
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