Analysis Of The Book ' Blood Done Sign My Name '

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Whites didn’t just open the door up and say, ‘Yall come in, integration done come.’ ‘It didn’t happen that way in Oxford. Somebody was bruised and kicked and knocked around-you better believe it’”. The social revolution of the 1960s changed America in ways that will be debated for a long time to come. Legacies both positive and negative were a part of that revolution, along with a few stirring controversies held over. Stories of heroic acts of protest, sweeping reforms, and unresolved crimes remain with people even today. In Oxford, it seemed that the nonviolent Civil Rights Movement had accomplished almost nothing, for white Oxford had closed the gate against reform. In the book, “Blood Done Sign My Name “, Tyson telling a story where an impassioned sense of justice is denied. Throughout the book Tyson accomplished three things he gave his personal story of what it was like to grow up in the south, to look at the investigation of a brutal crime where new evidence is brought forth, then he talks about the history of the Civil Right era especially in Oxford where the murder of Henry Marrow ignited the flame among the black community. In my opinion Tim Tyson’s purpose in writing “Blood Done Sign My Name” was to bring light to the fact that Henry Marrow’s murder affected the people of Oxford directly. It also shows how Henry’s murder reflected the nationwide racial conflicts going on during this time. The book is about a boy in a small town who was brutally murdered
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