Analysis Of The Book Bloodsworth By Tim Junkin Essay

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For Iowa Lakes Criminal Justice class Introduction to Corrections I read the book Bloodsworth By Tim Junkin for my book report. The book follows the story of a man named Kirk Bloodsworth. Bloodsworth was convicted and charged for the murder and rape of a nine-year-old girl in 1984. He was sentenced to death for those charges in Maryland and gas chamber was the execution put fourth. During his whole time in prison Kirk Bloodsworth said he was innocent. He researched everyday he could and read law book after law book. He researched about DNA testing something that was very new to the time, and he searched for a lawyer that would take on his case after he had been incarcerated for over nine years. DNA testing would become very beneficial to him. The book started kind of in reverse order because part one dated in 1993 after Bloodsworth had been in jail for around nine years. It started out talking about a lawyer named Bob Morin. He was a lawyer based out of Washington DC. Morin worked mostly with death penalty cases. He tried most case with men he believed were innocent and sitting on death row. That’s when he was contacted about a man named Kirk Bloodsworth. He had known some about Bloodsworth and knew that he was sentenced to death at first but latter in appeals he was only convicted of two life sentences. Morin at first was not truly sure he wanted to take Bloodsworth’s case because he was so backed up with death penalty cases and Bloodsworth was no longer on death row.

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