Analysis Of The Book ' Blue Heron '

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Kristan Higgins is best selling author of several novels including the “Blue Heron” series. The books in the series are connected because of the Blue Heron winery, located in Manningsport, New York, that the Holland family owns. Three of the books are centered around a single member of the Holland family- Faith, Honor, and Jack, the other two entries are focused on twins Connor and Colleen O 'Rourke. All five are unmarried at the beginning of their respective books.

“The Best Man” was the first book released in the series and was released in early 2013. This book is centered around Faith Holland. Three years ago, Faith Holland was left at the altar by her fiance whose best man, and now the town 's police chief, Levi Cooper, told her he was gay right before they were set to say “I do”. She is so embarrassed by this that she leaves and does not return for three years. When she comes back, she ends up seeing that the best man in her wedding, Levi, he 's not such a bad guy. They end up getting together after she realizes that he only cared for her when he told her the man she was about to marry was gay. She also tries to help her dad find love, even with the fact that she has not had the best luck where that is concerned, and helps her grandparents get back together again after their marriage hit a rough patch. You also see how her and her ex-fiance 's relationship evolves since they broke up on what would have been their wedding day.

Fans of this book say that the books are
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