Analysis Of The Book ' Brave New World ' By Aldous Huxley Essay

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Title: Brave New World Author: Aldous Huxley Main Characters: Bernard, John, Lenina, Linda Synopsis: The book begins in a human reproduction facility where they are basically engineering and developing human beings. It explains that once a child is born they are trained to conform to society. For example, babies were placed on an electric floor in front of books and flowers, and to train them they were electrocuted until they learned to dislike books and nature. This was done to ensure that the engineered humans did not think on their own or come up with their own ideas, and also so that they would not be provoked by nature to leave their work. The story focuses in on Bernard Marx, who works in a reproduction facility. Bernard is different than the rest of society and pursues a woman named Lenina. One day, he asks his boss if he can go to a savage reservation. Bernard’s boss gets angry at his behavior and tells Bernard a story of when he went to a savage reservation. He tells Bernard that he went with a woman and that she was lost in a storm and has not been seen since. Bernard’s boss threatens to relocate him to Iceland if his behavior persists. Bernard and Lenina go to the savage reservation, and he receives news that he may actually be relocated and is no longer proud of his rebellious behavior. At the camp they observe someone standing quietly as he is whipped. After the ritual the savage comes up to them and Bernard realizes he is white and can speak English, unlike
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