Analysis Of The Book ' Breaking The Land '

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“Breaking the Land” discusses three major components throughout the book; cotton, tobacco, and the rice culture. Pete Daniel, the author, discusses the transformation of these three subjects throughout history. The different agriculture crops are described by explaining the environment that they are in and the difficulties they come across. The book explains how the crops and the environment have changed because of the difficulties they have faced. Diseases, race, inflation and deflation of crop prices, laws, and the economy are some of the main problems that helped transform the environment of the crop industry. The book explains in great detail the challenges that each crop undertook to become a more modern industry, along with the increase of technology. Technology plays a large role in creating a more modern life for the agriculture industries. Daniel goes on to explain the new technology that is used during the timeline of events for the development of agricultural crops. In “Breaking the Land”, it is broken up into four different books. Each book is in chronological order to when events happened in history. Every book has several chapters contained in it that discusses the transformation of each crop. For example, book one: “Three Southern Commodity Cultures, 1880-1932”, contains three chapters. Each chapter discusses a specific crop and the transformation during that time period. Each individual chapter tells the story and background of that crop. Throughout each
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