Analysis Of The Book ' By Joel Spring

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The book written by Joel Spring was based on the constant derogation and the oppression of the people that were not considered “white”. The constant segregation between races caused many fights for equal rights among Native Americans, African American, Asian and Hispanic people. The conflict was never easy because the United States demonstrated an ethnocentric attitude, which caused the idea of deculturalization for many of the incoming immigrant races. The book demonstrates accuracy in many of the historical struggles between education, language, culture lands, and equal rights for a voice among the people in the United States. There are many new and existing information that I received from reading Deculturalization and the Struggle for Equality. One of the already existing ideas that I recall from my high school history classes were the aspects of The Trail of Tears. This is a well-known event because it demonstrated a cruelty among the Indian. By having them leave their lands they endured so much suffering into a path of death. What was horrible after the trail was what happened to the remaining Cherokees that didn’t want to move from their lands. As stated in the reading, “General Scott issued a proclamation within a month every Cherokee men, woman, and child should be headed west. Scott’s troops moved through countryside surrounding houses, removing the occupants, looting and burning houses, and forcing the family into stockades. Men and women were run down in the…
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