Analysis Of The Book ' By Ta Nehisi Coates '

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The recently awarded 2015 National Book Award for Nonfiction author, Ta-Nehisi Coates, has stirred quite some debate over the author himself and the issue on race in America. He is harsh and direct when it comes to commenting on the political policies in America or even the president. Much of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s works are affected by his life living in America as a black person. The violent and “fearsome” life he has lived became the only form of life he is acquainted to. As a result, he strongly believes that white supremacy dominates, a condition which will never cease to be. Hope – being a central element to the black moment – is absent in his projections; this hopelessness in Coates’s works is a center of discussion to the critics. There exist strong supporters of Coates who applauds him for his truthfulness and there are some who view him as a pessimist and a cynic. All the while, Coates defends himself by saying that he is simply a realist who refuses to hide behind the blind naivete like the rest.
Growing up in West Baltimore, “there was nothing sanctified about the laws of the streets” (25). Death, surrounding his life, seemed almost a commonplace occurrence. From his schooling, Coates felt like the schools were “hiding something, drugging us with false morality so that we could not see, so that we did not ask: Why – for us and only us – is the other side of free will and free spirits an assault upon our bodies?” (26). He states that this was not a hyperbolic…
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