Analysis Of The Book ' Celia A Slave Melton ' Essay

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The book Celia A Slave Melton McLaurin is telling us what happened to a slave owner and a slave that he brought. This story goes into details on the day of June 23,1855 about how a female slave that murdered her master and how she tried to cover it up. This story took place not far from Jefferson City in Calloway Country here in Missouri when around this time there were still debates over what state is going to be free and what states is going to be a slave one. As you’re reading the book you will see how race relations of that period was very … McLaurin talks in great details about the trail, the political climate of the time of the trail, and the experiences of a slave told in Celia view, and the antebellum time period.
When you have slaves that is showing people the amount of wealth you have. The slave owner that purchased Celia Robert Newsom already owned five. “While it is possible that Newsom harbored some moral ambiguity about slave ownership, it is far more likely that he regarded it as a fitting reward for his years of labor, an indication of the social status he achieved through his own efforts” (McLaurin 8) When Celia enters the Newsom farm at the age of fourteen she is raped by her master on the way to the house. It is showed that he purchases her after the passing of his wife. One of the lines in the book says “ a healthy sixty years of age, Newsom needed more than a hostess…he requires a sexual partner.” (McLaurin 18) So people won’t have suspicions on what’s
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