Analysis Of The Book ' Chapter Eighty '

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Chapter Sixty Closure Kramer sat there like he was sitting on a hard seat at Nuremburg. Not having enough courage to look his captors in the eyes. He felt their a furtive glare that penetrated the inner core of a two-bit coward that hated himself as much as he hated existing with what he deemed lowlifes. Lujack put a call through to Argyle 's home. The Texan 's heart skipped a beat when Hanna answered the phone. With Kramer in earshot range, he gave her the newsflash that they had their Nazi. Putting a little sarcastic humor to good use, he announced the former commandant’s name as “Herr Josef Kramer.” By the yelp he heard on the other end, meant the celebration on the Isle…show more content…
In an attempt to gain some closure from the robber of history’s past. Outside the storm raged on. The rain pounded the chopper’s hull like it was being sandblasted. The windshield looked like they were inside a washing machine. With night vision goggles tightly around his head, Weddington, with his seat belt off, bent forward as far as he could, anything to see better. His first concern was grabbing some altitude, three thousand feet worth. That would take him above the elevation of the highest points. Then he would look for the water resistant flares Graham lit on the level. Carefully alighting his passenger seat, Lujack left the cockpit as the craft was pushed left and right, and took a seat beside Kramer. Still, the man would not look at him. “I have some questions for you, Kramer.” Kramer said nothing. Blair made good use of a notepad. He wrote the date: August 26, 1987. After penning that, he begin his documentation. “How did you get out of Bergen-Belsen?” Lujack’s voice deepened, as he purposely moved his face closer to Kramer’s. “If you don’t feel like talking,” he pointed over at Rafi, “see that big guy over there by the door. That is Rafi. He’s former ICTU. I know you’ve heard of that. I’ll bet he’d be able to make you talk. What do you think?” Without looking up, Kramer figured he was already done for, and replied, “I gave a Colonel Stoddard of the British 11th Armored Division twenty
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