Analysis Of The Book ' Chapter One '

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CHAPTER ONE She wasn’t overly fond of driving, with the faith that one had to put in the other drivers on the road and their ability to navigate it without incident. Wasn’t overly fond of the early morning traffic that she had spent the past hour in. Wasn’t even overly fond of that corner market coffee that she had purchased from that service station when it was she’d fuelled up earlier that morning. Not that, considering the manner she’d awoken that morning, she was likely to be fond of anything that day. Too many details to that dream that she had been trying so hard to banish from her life. Too many questions attached to those that had already existed before it had shifted. All of which was made worse by the trip she was taking and…show more content…
At least until Cat went missing from flat the week following that becoming her reality. Not that the two had any actual relevance to one another, no matter how she’d begun to question such. Wonder if it weren’t some sign… but she wasn’t superstitious. Didn’t believe in anything that couldn’t be backed by factual, verified research. Didn’t put stock into those theories concerning cats and their supernatural abilities, no matter how many of those articles she’d read aloud to Cat late at night over a mug of tea and laughter. That ten minutes of missed sleep became her reality. That dream that made no sense became her nightly companion… and it showed. Visible on her features, carved into those creases and worn under her eyes like purple badges of horror. Testament to the way in which her life was slowly circling down that drain of her own psychosis. It also, she had learned, made her far more prone to poetry and prose in her own mind. Neither of which helped her with the actual problem, or even helped to field those questions which her co-workers started asking. Concerning those bags under her eyes. Her obvious caffeine dependency. Lack of a social life. At least the last one wasn’t entirely new. It was hard to make friends when you were questioning their very motive for trying to be one to you. Never seemed genuine, and her paranoia almost always made its play for her attention should she attempt to move past it. Couldn’t go out for
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