Analysis Of The Book ' Chocolate Me ! '

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Children’s book “Chocolate Me!” was published on September 27, 2011 by Taye Diggs and illustrated by Shane W. Evans. Taye Diggs is an African American author of several children’s books who grew up in Rochester, New York. In addition to his accomplishments, Taye Diggs is also an amazing Broadway performer and TV/movie star. As for illustrator Shane W. Evans, he currently lives in Kansas, Missouri where he owns a Dream Studio art center. Evans is an outstanding artist who currently has art exhibits in West Africa, Paris, Chicago, New York and other major cities in the U.S. Prior to the collaboration of “Chocolate Me!”, Shane Evans and Taye Diggs are great friends dating back to their high school days. Shane Evans believed he could bring “Chocolate Me!” to life through his illustrations. Within no time wasted, “Chocolate Me!” was published. Children 's book, “Chocolate Me!”, is based on the author’s life experience as a young African American boy who grew up in a neighborhood where no one looked like him. This book sheds light on the African American/dark skinned culture of a child who is uncomfortable with the way he looks and the constant teasing of his skin and hair texture. The message the author is sending to his readers is to embrace who you are as an individual and be comfortable in your own skin. “Chocolate Me!” is catered to children ages four and up and its genre is listed as emotions. However, I believe “Chocolate Me!” should also be listed as an autobiography.
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