Analysis Of The Book ' Clairvoyance Killed The Cat '

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Clairvoyance Killed The Cat All I remember from the past was the blue sky and bright yellow sun. I had never seen it of course but my grandmother always told me stories. Stories about how everyone lived a carefree existence. About how the world was a bright and beautiful place compared to now. Now was nothing like the past. An evil ruler took over, killed a bunch of people, and now here we all were. A dystopian future where hatred was the only emotion and curiosity got you murdered. The saying, “Curiosity killed the cat” was always something I thought of everyday after my grandma told me what it meant. But there 's another side to that saying. Curiosity indeed killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. The sun was an orange ball of flame and the grass, instead of being a green color, was an ugly brown, but everyone was used to it. It was the norm and only the elders knew what the world used to look like. Not us, the younger generations. We knew none of it, only words could paint the pictures. I walked through the abandoned streets of where my grandmother grew up, trying to imagine was everything used to look like. But thinking of happiness was hard when we were taught it wasn 't actually real. See, a long while ago when my grandmother was a newly formed adult, an evil witch came before them. She said her name was Matoya, and no one ever thought she could cause such chaos. Though she could, and that 's what she did. She took over the world little by little with

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