Analysis Of The Book ' Codependent No More

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With the awareness of substance abuse as an illness, attention has also been directed to the families and loved ones of those that suffer. Why do they stay with someone who is so obviously ill? Why do they tolerate being taken advantage of? Codependent No More (Beattie, 1986) was one of the first books addressing this issue, stating that the issue at hand was codependency- the individual in the relationship with the addict suffers from an illness as well. This paper is an analysis of the book, compared with research on the topic. Summary Codependent No More was written by Melody Beattie and initially published in 1986. In the nearly three decades following the first publication, the term codependent has become an important aspect of treatment for addicts and their families. Beattie first became aware of the issue of codependency while she was a counselor in the chemical dependency field. In her introduction, Beattie explains that because she was a woman, and most of the significant others’ of the addicts in treatment were women, she was instructed to organize support groups for the wives, as she was one of the few females on staff. She states that her initial view of codependents was one of disdain, until she realized she had become one herself (Beattie, 1986). According to Beattie, a codependent is an individual that has become obsessed with controlling the behavior of another, and has allowed this persons’ behavior to directly affect their own (Beattie, 1986). She
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