Analysis Of The Book ' Cold Blood '

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Perry Smith and Dick Hickock are two remarkably different characters. In the beginning of the novel, they’re known only as the murders of the Clutter family, but Truman Capote tells their life stories in such a way that they become more than that. Even though these two men are basically introduced as murderers, they quickly become relatable and interesting characters. So much is learned about their feelings and lives that one can not help but almost look past their reckless ways. Both of these men have unique character traits that amalgamate in an intriguing way. Throughout In Cold Blood, Capote includes many instances that show how Dick and Perry, when combined, make the perfect murderer. Perry, the more personable of the two killers, has a traumatic life story that just about diminishes any hatred that would be felt towards him for his actions. From the description of Perry given by Capote, it is hard to fathom the idea that he really is a killer. He was only educated up until the third grade but is infatuated with books, poems, maps and the like. His father wrote, “Perry does not have much schooling I dont either. But dont let that make you think we are not sharp” (Capote 129). Perry can also be described as extremely sensitive and emotional. His dad believes he is “very touchie” and “his feelings is very easily hurt” (Capote 128). Perry is obviously the more effeminate of the two men, and is not ashamed of this; he carries his box of books and music through his…
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