Analysis Of The Book ' Confucius Lives Next Door '

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Through every experience and adventure you partake in you almost always have a story to tell about it. That’s exactly what the author T.R Reid did in this book Confucius Lives Next Door. It depicts his transition for his job at Washington Post from a small town in Colorado to the immensely populated Tokyo, Japan. The book is separated into eight chapters; The Other Miracle, Eastern Flavor, Pine Tree by the Rice Paddy, The Master King, Yodobashi No.6, Continuing Education, The secret Weapon, Too Much Freedom each telling a certain part of the story as it happens each chapter depicting a different concept. The topics of this book vary from food to education each stating their differences from America. While this book is written in 1990 I believe their traditions and values still hold true to this day. Throughout the first chapter The Other Miracle you can see the family’s adjustment to their new life of living in Tokyo. From the second they get off the plane they see unity in the tarmac workers and the pleasantness of the airport workers from the way they dress to how they treat them. While traveling he was able to witness firsthand the cultural spin East Asia was having in becoming a major power house of the world. These countries continued to grow even after crisis and quickly became extremely successful power houses. While traveling East Asia he was able to witness the success of Asia through their united families, top notch education, and their public safety. They show

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