Analysis Of The Book ' Crayons '

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Crayons, a variety of colors, vibrant or plain, with both humorous and simple names. Despite being broken or dull all colors reside in the same box with one simple purpose to come together to create a masterpiece At the young age of 3, the brain is in one of its most impressionable stages as most education specialist will refer to the brain as a sponge. For most, learning in school begins with shapes, colors, and numbers for me, race. My mother told me the story, recalling the facts as if it happened yesterday. After placing me in my car seat and proceeding on our daily route home, I reached my small wrist forward to my mother, pointed and simply asked “what color am I, am I peach?” Confused yet collected my mother simply replied “why…show more content…
In all my years of ignoring and displacing my ethnicity it had hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. I was a young black woman, a member of one of the most fundamentally scorned racial subgroups, and I could either be the victim or the victor. The next morning I called home. That fall I would start school at a Historically Black University, as systematically different as I could get from my southern Missouri predominantly white university. I flourished, I was involved in numerous organizations, inducted into a national Greek lettered organization and soon after, elected President of my chapter. I developed essential study habits and found my sense of belonging. If you were to ask me what color my crayon was then; it would be the alluring brown or the rich black crayon in the box. My crayon was as brown as the dirt in mother Africa, and as black as the chains the “white man” used to put me into slavery. Yet, I still had not found my true identity I had merely assimilated to the culture around me. It would not be until I stepped into the working world that my true colors would show. On the surface, I am employed to teach one hundred and thirty students the Texas eighth grade science curriculum. Sixty eyes blankly staring at me in fifty minute increments grasping about seventy percent of the content I am teaching. They are hoping, I am praying that they will
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