Analysis Of The Book ' Cristobal Colon '

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Cristobal Colon who is formerly known as Christopher Columbus was another person that David Ponder encountered on his journey. Christopher Columbus gave David a very important decision for success. This decision no longer made David have an undecided heart because David knew that if he did, he would always fail in life. Thus, the fourth decision for success that was given to David was “I have a decided heat.” When a person like David started “to wait, to wonder, to doubt, to be indecisive, [they were disobeying] God” (Andrews). When David opted to have a decided heart, he chose to quit and defeat double mindedness. When people commit themselves to have a decided heart, they have the power to take hold of their own future. As David read…show more content…
Sometimes in life people try to dehumanize and humiliate others. This causes the humiliated and dehumanized person to find it hard to forgive others. David found himself struggling with this concept when he met Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln gave David excellent advice, which lead David to the sixth decision for success “I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.” Through this decision David learned that he must forgive others with grace and mercy. Moreover, that he could not move on with his life unless he learned to forgive all things. Not only did David learn to forgive others in this decision for determining personal success, but he also learned to forgive his own self. When people forgives something, they are doing it for themselves and not for others. Thus, when David decided to forgive his own self and others, he overcame his feelings of animosity, resentment, and vengeance. In doing so, the reader could gradually see David becoming a better and more successful person. In this decision David also choose not to be a slave anymore because he has the power to speak what he believes. He no longer had to “live his life according to other people” (Andrews). David learned that he could not be successful unless he started to forgive. Before David’s long journey ended with people from the past, he met Angel Gabriel who gave him the final decision for success. Angel Gabriel allowed David to look into the future to see what he

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