Analysis Of The Book ' Darwin 's Plantation '

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The book Darwin’s Plantation begins by showing many of the preconceived ideas that were swarming around the United States in the early 1900’s. Things like racial superiority, genocide, racism, and even murder could be justified by the ideas that Charles Darwin planted. Experimentation on Negroes was very common to see, most tests were used to prove that those of color were less than those who were white. Though some of the information that was found actually proved some positive things about the African American race, however that information was never released. These ideas and experiments continued to spread, though many fired back with the ideas of God. The book continuously recognizes the fact that racism isn’t something that can be stopped by a campaign or a passed law- it is only something that can be stopped by each person individually- especially one who has the Holy Spirit alive within them.

After viewing how the African Americans were treated, the book then goes on into Darwin’s scientific reasoning for his beliefs. Darwin was right on his research and conclusions about natural selection, but his inferior ideas about the differences in dark skin and white skin were wrong. Science can now prove that natural selection can only create more diversity in humans- not a new or lesser kind of human. Using this information the author then leads to the main focus of the book- humans are all the same regardless of what they look like on the outside. The author believes
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